Friday, April 11, 2008

Birds in the Rain

Dancing and singing,
Frolic in the rain.
The shoes on my feet dear
Are giving me pain.

They have filled with water
as we shrilled away
With our voices getting louder each day-
and I didn't notice.

I didn't hear the lovesong.
Here birds are singing in the air.
We kept dancing.
We kept singing.
And I didn't even care.

I did not care about others
And brought pain to their hearts.
I'd stopped really loving
Though we thought to start.

This one started because a song I was listening to made me think of dancing. The beat that it switchced to made me think of rain. After a while, everything kept going, but a melody was put over it that made me think of birds. Everything else kept going and it sounded sad and gloomy- as if the birds were ignored. Then the song was almost over, so I turned the volume down so I wouldn't lose what I had in my head to a new song. And of course this is more than what it appears but only few will know.