Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sister Sparrow

Why still have I forgotten
to lie there in the shade
while the sun it has been beating
down on my face for days

Oh dear little sparrow
I'm sorry you went so high
I feel I must have left you
in the cold noon sun to die

We flew together once
you watched and tried to soar
I saw once that you had fallen
and rose to fly no more.

Oh sparrow with your little wings
please forgive me when I cry
For of the pain your heart it rings
the fault, the blame was mine.

When fall you did
the fox he hid
his tail above your eyes

In hopelessness I searched for you
and came back to only sigh.
I will hold you now as best I can
though your feathers mangled
and eyes are dim -with tears.

Though your mind it is in pain my dear
Know that one day I will draw near
If only with my heart.
If only with these words.

Oh dear sparrow know now I
that you were not the one to die
And pain and fear will trouble you
'Cause of the plight that you went through.

(Know now I that like occurrence is common.)

So I say to you dear sparrow
for I'm a sparrow too.
That once your wings are healed
They'll be more use to you.

Though I can't now be there
to show you how to fly
I hope that you'll remember
That we all soon must die.

You'll have to learn to use them
in ways other than before
I know that when you master this
Its then I'll see you soar.

I'll see you soar on eagles wings
And speak no more we of the things
That stabbed your heart and still pained mine.
- Then I will see you fly for sure.

And other birds will be there too
ones not too unlike the likes of you
And you will know what they have done
so we will all delight the sun with our flight.

Then you will pick those off the ground
who also foxes holes have found
And you will show them how to fly
as hopefully so once did I
- for you.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

April or May?

so long?

the seams.


when I


know this
has to
be something
the way

no need?


lightless pictures
so bright,
so blind


Is this real?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dodge This or Die Wondering If You Can

Your gun to my head
giving me a challenge.
I feel you next to me-
so close. Nothing's wrong.

How do I
respond to this?
I don't. Passive
resistance of fear.

I should speak
plainly, but
clearly words escape.
Orion speaks as much.

This was not here
for so long,
but I knew it was.
Sleeping to find again.

The tree has fallen,
and no one was there
to hear.

The stars fall, but
no one was there
to see.

Actions overcome words
but both can still shatter
on the floor like glass.
Tell me now...

With steel to my head,
uncertian of what is
in front or behind-
What should I do?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


There is nothing without you.
Everything was made by you.
If you were not,
Everything is not.
I cannot live,
I cannot exist
without your love.
The earth remains
because you hold it
in your arms,
and it is in these same arms
that you hold me.
And that is why
I remain.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wisdom is She

She is calling.
Into the streets
I go.
No answer.

Another cries.
Lured by charm
I go.
Arms await.

Again she calls
I turn away
To find
Only wind.

Returning now
To the diamond
I gaze
Into distortion.

She is calling
Me but now
I stay.
I cannot hear her.

Folly is here.
She is now my Ruin
When I am deaf
To a whisper.

This one needs a lot of explaining. There are two characters calling to the speaker. Each one of them alternates with each verse. It starts with wisdom. The second one that cries is Folly. Wisdom calls the speaker out of Folly’s house and into the streets. And the speaker goes but finds no one. Folly calls the speaker back, so not thinking he has found anything away from Folly he returns. Now wisdom calls again, but this time the speaker only turns rather than leaving- showing his progression away from Wisdom and into Folly. And in returning to Folly, the speaker is not even beckoned. He returns on his own because of what he has found. He has found a diamond which is beautiful to him, but what is behind the diamond is distorted by the cut edges of it. Wisdom continues to call, but the speaker either no longer hears or ignores her, and decides to stay with Folly, who has enticed him. At the end the speaker gives the moral of it all; Folly brings destruction, and Wisdom is always calling, but she must be sought out (or listened for) in order to be heard.

The structure of the verses also degenerates to show the steady decline of the speaker as he chooses Folly. All of the lines in verse 1 and 2 match exactly with their syllables. The last line in verse 4 varies slightly from the one in verse 3. And then verse 6 is completely different than all of the others. Verses 2, 4, and 6 show Folly’s enticement getting stronger with every second. Verses 1, 3, and 5 remain constant to show that wisdom will always be wisdom, and wisdom will never change.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Once again I am cast out.
The outer reaches of
memory is where I'll live,
If I even exist at all.

I wish I could know
where I exist: belong.

Dead are the days
when I would walk
without the sound
of this bell on my neck.

I wish I could know
if I exist: belong.

"You belonged once
but exist no more
you do, says I"
And who are you?

Where do you exist?
Where do you belong?
Is it not here
on the Earth as I?

We are both human
both bleed blood
both cry tears
both die slowly
every day we live.

If only you could
see what you once saw.
Open eyes distorted
by perception viruses.

I wish you could see
that I exist: belong.

The scars you carry
will heal one day.
That day, I'm afraid
will be too late.

Then you will know
that we exist: belong.

I put this on eliteskills and got some good reviews from it. Thought I'd share it on here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Absalom (Alt. Ending)

I loved her so much

I fought for her,

I bled for her,

I would die for her.

But you stole her heart

Early in the morning

By the gate that I

Fought so valiantly for.

My sweat and tears were no match

For your crafty words,

Your long soft hair,

Your deep dark eyes,

And your succulent lips

With such a kiss

That in times such as this

she knows not where her mind is.

While you burned her,

She still praised you.

While I cared for her,

She drove me away.

Today the King lives

Wherever the king may be

Riding on the mountain

Or with his head in the tree.

But her heart was detached

From anything she desired.

If it was desire she desired

Then desire is her reward.

But I cannot afford

To loose her to you.

I wept in the gateway

after you were gone.

She returned today

Though you’ll never see dawn.

She returned to me

Just as she should.

Our love is stronger

than it ever was before

all thanks to you.

I hold her close

to my heart every day.

And she now returns the favor.