Monday, April 14, 2008

Darkness Uncover Us

We walk these black halls
And I'm scaling the walls.
We're trying to find out who we are-
Who we are together.

Though the darkness closes in
The light shines somewhere;
Somewhere from the deep.
We cannot find the source.

Water rushes from behind
Forcing me to search faster
But you were no where to be found.

I hear your screams.
You cry to me from the darkness
But I cannot find you.

Let me hear your voice
Let me know there is breath in your lungs
Giving life to your body.
Because right now it depends on me. It gives me

Life in this dark hall
That we both walk as we find our way-
Find our way to back to each other.
Then I will hold you and
Everything will be just fine.

I wrote this poem from a picture of me that looked like I was scared and tired and sneaking along a wall trying to find something or someone. I was also listening to some dark sounding ambient music. The first line hit me, and I just started typing frantically until it all came out to what is on the page. There is also a bit more to this, but that will remain hidden in the poem and my heart.

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