Thursday, April 10, 2008


This is a Blog
To expand my mind.
Give me a chance
to expand my rhyme.
Not for a dance,
but for poetry.
One day in time
to return you see.
One write a day
is a write from me.

OK, so basically I'm going to try to write one poem a day on here. Some days it may be good. Then some days (as I feel with this poem) it will be horrible. I will probably have an explination with each poem (why I wrote it/ what its about/ ect.) I'm trying to move away from poems based on emotions from situations. My end goal is to be able to create emotion with a poem about something that would not normally create emotion. I also want to get into more technical structre and rhymes- like in the old days- then give it a modern air. I hope you enjoy.

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