Friday, October 17, 2008


Once again I am cast out.
The outer reaches of
memory is where I'll live,
If I even exist at all.

I wish I could know
where I exist: belong.

Dead are the days
when I would walk
without the sound
of this bell on my neck.

I wish I could know
if I exist: belong.

"You belonged once
but exist no more
you do, says I"
And who are you?

Where do you exist?
Where do you belong?
Is it not here
on the Earth as I?

We are both human
both bleed blood
both cry tears
both die slowly
every day we live.

If only you could
see what you once saw.
Open eyes distorted
by perception viruses.

I wish you could see
that I exist: belong.

The scars you carry
will heal one day.
That day, I'm afraid
will be too late.

Then you will know
that we exist: belong.

I put this on eliteskills and got some good reviews from it. Thought I'd share it on here.

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