Saturday, October 11, 2008

Absalom (Alt. Ending)

I loved her so much

I fought for her,

I bled for her,

I would die for her.

But you stole her heart

Early in the morning

By the gate that I

Fought so valiantly for.

My sweat and tears were no match

For your crafty words,

Your long soft hair,

Your deep dark eyes,

And your succulent lips

With such a kiss

That in times such as this

she knows not where her mind is.

While you burned her,

She still praised you.

While I cared for her,

She drove me away.

Today the King lives

Wherever the king may be

Riding on the mountain

Or with his head in the tree.

But her heart was detached

From anything she desired.

If it was desire she desired

Then desire is her reward.

But I cannot afford

To loose her to you.

I wept in the gateway

after you were gone.

She returned today

Though you’ll never see dawn.

She returned to me

Just as she should.

Our love is stronger

than it ever was before

all thanks to you.

I hold her close

to my heart every day.

And she now returns the favor.

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