Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sister Sparrow

Why still have I forgotten
to lie there in the shade
while the sun it has been beating
down on my face for days

Oh dear little sparrow
I'm sorry you went so high
I feel I must have left you
in the cold noon sun to die

We flew together once
you watched and tried to soar
I saw once that you had fallen
and rose to fly no more.

Oh sparrow with your little wings
please forgive me when I cry
For of the pain your heart it rings
the fault, the blame was mine.

When fall you did
the fox he hid
his tail above your eyes

In hopelessness I searched for you
and came back to only sigh.
I will hold you now as best I can
though your feathers mangled
and eyes are dim -with tears.

Though your mind it is in pain my dear
Know that one day I will draw near
If only with my heart.
If only with these words.

Oh dear sparrow know now I
that you were not the one to die
And pain and fear will trouble you
'Cause of the plight that you went through.

(Know now I that like occurrence is common.)

So I say to you dear sparrow
for I'm a sparrow too.
That once your wings are healed
They'll be more use to you.

Though I can't now be there
to show you how to fly
I hope that you'll remember
That we all soon must die.

You'll have to learn to use them
in ways other than before
I know that when you master this
Its then I'll see you soar.

I'll see you soar on eagles wings
And speak no more we of the things
That stabbed your heart and still pained mine.
- Then I will see you fly for sure.

And other birds will be there too
ones not too unlike the likes of you
And you will know what they have done
so we will all delight the sun with our flight.

Then you will pick those off the ground
who also foxes holes have found
And you will show them how to fly
as hopefully so once did I
- for you.


trose said...

I love how each of your poetry has feelings and those who read them can feel what the poem is saying beautiful works of art you do keep up the awesome work and i am working on mine i just start a blog on bloggers

Patrina's Pencil said...

You are amazingly full of tender MERCY and GRACE - that must be because you've received the same from JESUS!

I love the way you write with such honesty and emotion! Awesome!!

Thanks for sharing.

Patrina <")>><